Cocktail vs Mocktail


Cocktails are alcoholic drinks which can only be consumed by people above 18 years and people who can have alcohol. Because of these restrictions people who do not prefer alcohol tend to take plain real juices as they do not have any other option. But mocktails fulfills their ardor to have something new, something unique rather than just having plain juices. Mocktails do not have any restrictions it can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

In my consideration drinking mocktail is the best way of enjoying summers, yet for those people who prefer to take alcohol, cocktails are the best option. But slowly people who like cocktails are getting attracted towards mocktails because of its unique and tangy taste which a cocktail lacks due to alcohol. Alcohol dominates the different kinds of flavor which a cocktail contains, but this problem is not there in mocktails, one can enjoy each and every flavor that a mocktail contains.

When you drink a mocktail you can feel the exposure of different kinds of flavors in your mouth, and your taste bugs could sense unique flavors. But when you drink cocktail your taste bugs gets dominated by the strong flavor of alcohol which defuses other flavors and that makes a cocktail dependent.

So, by the above analysis, I conclude that mocktails are independent drinks which can be enjoyed by everyone with no restrictions and cocktails are dependent drinks which can be enjoyed by selective people.




How Mocktails make your life better

refreshing-mocktail-recipes_01Drinking mocktails are one of the best ways of releasing stress. After spending a tiring day at work when you see a chilled glass of mocktail,half of your tension already gets released, and when you kiss rim of the glass you just forget everything and enjoy the taste of the beautiful drink, it refreshes you, your soul gets delighted, it relaxes your body.

Once you will start enjoying every sip of your drink then you will literally admire the work and efforts made for its preparation, and then you will understand the real capabilities of mocktails.

In summers, mocktails are your best companion they make your summers memorable.  Imagine you are on a beach sitting under a picnic umbrella near the seashore on a bright sunny day, holding a chilled glass of reddish brown mocktail and sipping it while enjoying the sound of waves. Aren’t you feeling relaxed after imagining  this? That is how mocktails make your life better.

Mocktails are like priceless diamonds kept in front of you, but only for those who really admires every single thing used for the preparation of a mocktail even the shape of the glass.

Many people go out in restaurants or in beverage shops to enjoy mocktails. If you are one of them then you are on a right site. I will tell you how to make mocktails at home so that you can save you time and enjoy your drinks at home in the summers. In my upcoming posts, I will tell you how to make wonderful mocktails at home.

Follow me to taste some amazing mocktails in summer.


Green Zest

20160503_0607 copy 2Take 500ml High Balled Glass (Recommended)

  • Ingredients
  1. Green Apple syrup- 20ml
  2. Ginger ale syrup- 20ml
  3. Litchi Juice- 75ml
  4. Fresh Lemon Juice- 10ml
  5. Tabasco pepper sauce
  6. Black salt- 1/3rd tsp.
  7. White salt- 1/4th tsp.
  8. 4 Ice-cubes
  9. Soda
  • Directions
  1. Put green apple syrup, ginger ale syrup, black salt, white salt and fresh lemon juice in a glass.
  2. Put 1 drop of tabasco pepper sauce.
  3. Put Litchi juice and stir everything well.
  4. Put 4 Ice-cubes.
  5. Fill the glass up with soda.


Instead of filling it up with soda you can also fill it up with Limca, Sprite or 7up.

Dark Nectarous


Take 350ml High Balled Glass (Recommended)

  • Ingredients
  1. Kala Khata syrup- 16ml
  2. Green Apple syrup- 12ml
  3. Fresh lime juice- 9ml
  4. Fresh mint leave extract- 9ml
  5. Tabasco pepper sauce
  6. Black salt- 1/3rd tsp.
  7. White salt- 1/4th tsp.
  8. Soda
  9. Two Ice-cubes
  • Directions
  1. Put Kala Khata syrup, green apple syrup, fresh lime juice, fresh mint leave extract, black salt and white salt in a glass.
  2. Put one drop of Tabasco pepper sauce in the same glass.
  3. Stir everything well.
  4. Put two Ice-cubes.
  5. Fill the glass up with soda.


Instead of filling it up with soda you can also fill it up with Limca, Sprite or 7up.

Gurme Delice

20160510_0224 copy copy.jpg

Take 350ml High Balled Glass (Recommended)

  • Ingredients
  1. Rose water- 14 ml
  2. Lime cordial-10 ml
  3. Grape syrup- 14 ml
  4. Peach and apricot syrup- 12 ml
  5. Black salt- 1/3rd tsp.
  6. white salt- 1/4 tsp.
  7. Two Ice-cubes
  8. Soda
  • Directions
  1. Put rose water, lime cordial, grape syrup, peach and apricot syrup, black salt and white salt in a glass .
  2. Stir it well.
  3. Fill the glass up with soda.
  4. Garnish it with mint leaves.
  5. Add two Ice-cubes in it.


Instead of filling it up with soda you can also fill it up with Limca.

How to make a mocktail

For making a good mocktail a person should have patience, a presence of mind, accuracy, calmness, creativity and originality. If you are a beginner and you don’t have all these qualities do not  worry, because once you will start making mocktails you will definitely develop all these qualities. It will take time for you to develop these qualities, as you know Taj Mahal was not build in a day. But once you will develop these qualities you’ll surly excel in making mocktails.

Making mocktails is all about playing with different kinds of liquids, it is about using your creativity and experimenting for new and unique results. When I started making mocktails I never followed any recipes or any guides rather I experimented, I accept in the beginning results were not very good but gradually they started improving. My experiments acknowledged me my weaker areas on which I worked to make them stronger. This covers three qualities which are required to make mocktails: patience, creativity and originality.

The most important part of making mocktail is balancing: balancing the amount of syurps, amount of spices, amount of water or soda, amount of juices etc. And if you are an accounts student you have an added advantage, because in accounts you have to balance lots of stuff, like you have to make balance sheets (opening and closing, both), trial balance, balancing figures etc. So, that provides you lots of experience in balancing. Once you’ll set a good hand in balancing ingredients you will certainly master in making mocktails.

Origin of Mocktails



Mouth watering mocktails

Mocktails, refers to “mock cocktails”, these are non-alcoholic drinks. Mocktails may contain fresh fruit juices, syrups, cream, herbs and spices. Mocktails are specially designed for those who do not prefer to take alcoholic drinks. These drinks can be enjoyed by people of all age groups . Many people gets attracted toward these drinks because of its piquant taste and unique flavors .

Mocktails are often offered in parties to those people who do not prefer hard drinks or cocktails. Mocktails are of many types for example: frozen, hot, fizzy, non-fizzy, and cream. In parties instead of offering people plan juices you can offer them something new which can make your party memorable.

Mocktails can be enjoyed not only in parties but also in many other occasions. You can enjoy mocktails while watching cricket match , movies or while doing what ever you like the most. I like drinking mocktails the most while watching “The Flash”. What about you ? You can leave your answer below in comment.